Paper Caves, Honesdale, PA

Paper Caves, Honesdale, PA

The Great Big Internet Box of Free Books

We need books to do our job, but often the books we need are expensive. 

We love all sorts of books but don't need to keep all of them on our shelves. They should go to use in good and loving homes. 

(tenured/tenure-track faculty)
please add the books you're willing to pass along to your colleagues to the Google spreadsheet below.

(graduate students, post-docs, contract/adjunct faculty) 
if you see a book you need for your work, email the contact person with your requests and a mailing address. If you also have books you'd like to pass along to your colleagues, please add them to the spreadsheet, too.

Please make the subject of your email: "FREE BOOK BOX: [Book Title]" and then remove the book from the spreadsheet. 

if you need access to these books, please don't hesitate to reach out. We're especially interested in helping get books to prisoners, first-generation college students, universities outside of North America and Europe... and any place where these books can be put to good use.  

If you are able to, please consider chipping in at least US$5 to cover shipping for each book -- either for yourself, or to help cover someone's shipping costs. (For now, the best way to do this is to work this out individually with each shipment/request.)

This is an experiment in book sharing (run by someone with rudimentary internet skills). If you have suggestions/comments/ideas about how to improve this project, please email me.

(inspired by Mimi Thi Nguyen)